Aleix Espargaró becomes a shareholder and the face of RAW Superdrink, the first 100% organic isotonic drink

The need to hydrate in a market where isotonic drinks contain a lot of sugar and artificial ingredients led Aleix Espargaró to look for a healthy solution for athletes. His entrepreneurial vision guided him to becoming part of the shareholding of the new RAW Super Drink, a 100% organic isotonic drink, free from artificial sweeteners: “I am very happy to join the revolution of 100% organic sports drinks. As an athlete, it is very important to be well hydrated and I think that RAW Super Drink has revolutionised conventional isotonic drinks”.

The current generation of healthy athletes love organic products and among them is Aleix Espargaró; athlete and entrepreneur who is very clear how to take care of his physical shape. The MotoGP rider considers that success in the performance requires optimal hydration:” Hydration is extremely important. On circuits where the temperature is very high we lose about 2 kg in a 45-minute race because, apart from physical activity, it’s very hot in the racing suit. So before going out on the track we have to hydrate very well and during the race our mouth dries up a lot and we go into a very high pulse rate”.

The Spanish brand founded by Rubén González, 25% owned by CAPSA FOOD, is very clear about its commitment to sport and the importance of hydration, particularly in the demanding world of motorcycling: “The future of 100% organic hydration is also important for younger riders and Jaume Masia, Moto3 World Championship rider, will also be part of the team of RAW Super Drink athletes: “I consider healthy hydration essential in sports practice and if I can do it from a very young age I know that it will have beneficial effects for me in the future. I am very happy to join this team”.