New business

New business

This project was launched in 2019 and attests to the company’s commitment to innovation. The objective is to identify talent and external knowledge, in order to launch initiatives that make CAPSA FOOD a relevant ally for healthy eating for the future, through personalised solutions for consumers and sustainable use of resources.

Acquisition of 50% of Lácteas Flor de Burgos to develop a joint brand project, adding the synergies of both companies to create shared value. CAPSA FOOD reinforces its commitment to the cheese and fresh produce market, in the process of open diversification within the company and with a solid focus on growth in Spain and abroad.

CAPSA FOOD’s first foray out of the dairy business through its 25% stake in RAW SUPERDRINK, the first organic, low-calorie, gluten-free and vegan-friendly isotonic on the market, launched in October 2018. It is a “clean hydration drink” that does not contain any added sugars, artificial sweeteners or artificial ingredients.

CAPSA has a 15% shareholding in ENTOMO AGRO-INDUSTRIAL, a company at the forefront of technology in the sphere of the circular economy, with the aim of reducing waste to convert it into products with high added value and thus mitigating its environmental impact, which is one of the great business challenges of the 21st century that CAPSA is working towards with the highest commitment.

Alliance with Cantabria Labs Medical Nutrition for developing and marketing liquid diets, with medicines funded by the National Health System, thus meeting the specific nutritional needs of patients with pathologies that require nutritional supplementation.

San Antonio Biotics

This is an agreement signed with the Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM), through SAN ANTONIO TECHNOLOGIES, an organisation specialising in providing scientific and technical support to the food industry by conducting clinical research studies to carry out initiatives in public and private areas, leading to the creation of the new SAN ANTONIO BIOTICS, the purpose of which is to research new probiotic strains specifically designed for different clinical, preventive and therapeutic situations related to microbiota and microbiome.

A collaboration framework agreement with the Institute of Oncological and Molecular Medicine of Asturias (IMOMA) that enables scientific and technological development of products and services aimed at improving people’s health and nutrition.