Exemplary employer

ODS Exemplary employer

CAPSA is an exemplary employer

CAPSA FOOD promotes talent. CAPSA identifies and empowers skills and behaviours, which, through a culture of continuous development, enable the company to create work environments geared towards innovation, improvement and agility. CAPSA fosters a comprehensive employee experience, accompanying people at all times in their personal and professional aspirations. All of this is achieved with the help of new technologies, providing tools for people.

Human Resources CAPSA FOOD is guided by its corporate values in its daily work: Commitment, professionalism, leadership and cooperation; to achieve the company’s objectives.

exemplary employer

People who work at CAPSA FOOD support farming partners and the rural world, promote health through nutrition and respect and protect the natural environment, therefore CAPSA in turn cares for its employees.

HR strategy

CAPSA works to achieve the best results for the company by having satisfied employees, thereby making it one of the best companies to work for.

CAPSA creates the best working conditions, through policies, procedures and plans that enable employees to achieve their best in terms of professional and personal development.

Its strategy is to ensure that employees are the true ambassadors of the brand, so that CAPSA FOOD continues to be one of the best companies to work for.

Exemplary employer

Top Employer

For another year running, CAPSA has been awarded “Top Employer”. This certification confirms that CAPSA has been one of the best companies to work for in Spain since 2016, due to the excellent conditions offered to CAPSA’s employees.

Family Responsible company (FRC)

CAPSA has been a Family Responsible company (FRC) since 2009, due to its commitment to work/life balance and equality. CAPSA is part of the Top efr 25.

ISO 45001

In 2019, CAPSA adapted its Health and Safety System to the ISO 45001 standard, although the company has been certified in OSHAS since 2004.

CAPSA's commitment as an exemplary employer

Stable and quality employment

CAPSA promotes a model based on respect, teamwork, responsibility, innovation, improvement and commitment between employees and the company.

Focus on talent (internal and external)

CAPSA ensures the most suitable professionals are hired who are aligned with the company’s values, guaranteeing the identification of potential and promoting CAPSA team members’ personal and professional aspirations.

  • Interactive recruitment (CAPSA JOBS portal, other employment portals, and social networks) and conventional (employment forums, press, universities)
  • Objectivity criteria, in theoretical, practical, language and psychotechnical tests.
  • Prioritising internal promotion as a development tool.

Training and development opportunities

CAPSA provides training and development opportunities to achieve the highest level of professional and personal development.

  • Annual training plan to ensure that all people have the knowledge and/or skills necessary to perform their job and have opportunities for development.
  • Competencies map aligned with the corporate strategy that enables CAPSA to know the skills and the degree of development needed in each position.
  • Tools for professional and personal development: performance and/or development interviews, specific development plans, training plans, internal promotions, participation in transversal projects, etc.
  • Design and organise workshops and training programmes aimed at developing the competencies and skills within CAPSA’s competency model.
  • Welcome Plans, training in technical knowledge, values and culture, that enable new recruits to carry out their work fully integrated within the company.

Motivating environment

CAPSA respects employees’ views and initiatives.

Participation and collaboration play an essential role. CAPSA encourages dialogue, active listening, the use of collaborative environments and systems for suggestions and contributing ideas. The Employee Experience Surveys are a fundamental tool for determining CAPSA employees’ perceptions and guiding the company’s value proposition by attending to employees’ needs.

Focus on a culture of recognition and excellence around corporate values: Commitment, professionalism, leadership and cooperation Recognition is an essential development mechanism for consolidating the organisational culture.

Leadership model

CAPSA leaders must lead by example in values, behaviours and in achieving objectives efficiently. They are responsible for guiding the team towards its most effective development.

The CAPSA FOOD Leadership Style has been defined and leadership training programmes deployed, which turn out exemplary leaders with a positive attitude, with communication skills, empathy, confidence, diligence, available to their team, capable of making decisions and fostering innovation, initiative and teamwork.

Opportunities for work/life balance and commitment to equal opportunities

CAPSA launches initiatives that favour a flexible work environment adapted to the personal needs of each employee, enhancing objectivity, fairness and transparency criteria in managing people and avoiding any type of discrimination.

CAPSA has an extensive range of work/life balance measures that are designed according to the needs of each employee so that they can have a balanced professional and personal life. Work/life balance is based on a trust scenario that enables flexible work environments in which work and organisational needs can be combined with personal life needs.

Promoting health, safety and well-being

CAPSA cares about the health of its employees and their families, so they are involved in creating a safe and healthy work environment.

Programmes such as “LACTO”, “0 Accidents”, “Occupational Hazard Prevention Panels” and “Lacto Solidario” are actions that integrate safety into employees’ daily activity.

CAPSALIFE is the corporate platform that promotes healthy lifestyle habits and encourages employees and their families to participate in sporting, healthy, charity events, etc.

Fluid and transparent internal communication

CAPSA fosters information exchange between employees through appropriate communication channels.

Meetings, forums, corporate events, CSR actions, digital bulletins, screens, MI CAPSA employee portal, Innovation Portal, Teams, bulletin boards and ad hoc campaigns through different media are some of CAPSA’s communication channels.


CAPSA encourages social action among employees, either by helping to organise initiatives or events arising through suggestions and social challenges on the Innovation Portal or by organising them on the company’s initiative.

Employability, promoting the insertion of young people into the workplace through collaboration agreements for scholarships and traineeships with different entities.

Donations of school supplies, clothing, toys, caps, books, products for employees’ physical activity, fundraising for NGOs, cleaning green spaces, charity routes, etc.

Attractive total compensation

CAPSA offers a remuneration package that guarantees external competitiveness and internal equity, considering flexible remuneration formula to adapt to employees’ needs at critical moments in their life. CAPSA offers an attractive proposal for social benefits in various areas, taking advantage of the company’s capacity for negotiation.