CAPSA committed to health and safety in the workplace

  • On 28 April, CAPSA will join the celebrations for World Health and Safety at Work Day promoted by the International Labour Organisation.

CAPSA is very aware of Health and Safety and promotes safe work environments through specific programmes, awareness actions and communication campaigns, within its “Zero Accidents” target.

The LACTO Programme (Leadership, Attitude, Commitment, Safe Work) has a special focus. A project that CAPSA launched in 2018 aligned with its Exemplary Employer CSR programme, which aims to enhance the Culture of Safety at CAPSA. In recent months, training sessions have been presented for managers and workers in all the centres and the points of the Security Decalogue have been sent to everyone at CAPSA. The points of the Decalogue were the theme for the Children’s Painting Contest, whose winners we will meet next week.

The next steps of the LACTO Programme include a personalised presentation of the Decalogue to each worker, in an original format, as well as training for the Central Services group. Click HERE for a preview of the training.

CAPSA is convinced that the LACTO project will help to consolidate and improve health and safety as a VALUE for generating real change in the CAPSA PREVENTIVE CULTURE. It will therefore continue to work alongside the Lacto Super Collaborators in the workplace, and is also counting on your support to foster the preventive culture.

Everyone has a great responsibility to make CAPSA a safer and healthier place every day, so CAPSA encourages your commitment, compliance with the safety recommendations and setting an example for others.

In 2019, CAPSA will adapt the OSHAS 18001 standard (Occupational Health and Safety Management System that has been implemented and certified in several work centres) to ISO 45001, aligning workplace safety with other ISO certified disciplines, such as quality and the environment.