Corporate governance based on ethics and compliance

Ethics and compliance are at the centre of CAPSA's decisions

CAPSA FOOD has always been firmly committed to integrating all stakeholders’ expectations: consumers, customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, public and social institutions, unions and society in general, into its business so that it can reconcile interests that don’t always coincide.

The company has demonstrated this since signing and communicating its Code of Ethics in 2015, which it continuously strives to improve and which was the starting point and integrating element of the previous Crime Prevention and Detection Model to ensure the behaviour of the entire company in internal and external relationships, in accordance with the ethical expectations demanded by society.

However, the evolution of legal norms (Organic Law 1/2015, 30 March, which modifies Organic Law 10/1995, 23 November, the Penal Code) and, more importantly, the interpretations that jurisprudence and judicial bodies have been making in light of new cases that have arisen, together with compiling and coding undertaken by organisations such as the Spanish Standardisation Association through its UNE standards, have led CAPSA to deeply review its previous model, now presenting the current Criminal Compliance Management System (CCMS) that will enable the company to structure all the risks and controls that affect criminal compliance within its processes in a more uniform and standardised way.

Pursuant to the UNE 19.601:2017 standard, CAPSA has implemented due diligence procedures in the CCMS in the company’s main processes, such as those related to the financial, commercial and sales areas, procurement and relationships with suppliers, as well as human resources, enabling it to reinforce the controls already in place and managing the risk level of each of the company’s operations more operationally from the start.

Code of Ethics

To reinforce the operation of all these procedures, CAPSA has updated its Code of Ethics, which is available to all stakeholders for their knowledge and dissemination. Download it here.

Compliance Policy

CAPSA has also developed and implemented the Compliance Policy within the company, establishing the values defined in the Code of Ethics and expressing the organisation’s intention and commitments for developing compliance plans and systems within its activities. Download it here.

Code of Conduct

The above documents, as well as the need to adequately disseminate the implementation of the company’s system among all suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, agents, intermediaries, customers, advisors, distributors, representatives, investors, business alliance partners and other business partners, thus providing clear and concise knowledge of its commitment, have led CAPSA to also approve a Code of Conduct for Business Partners, which aims to reflect and preserve the high standards of conduct that have been and are part of the company’s culture and way of doing business, especially when business is carried out in the Spanish and international markets and with the influence of different cultural environments that require transparent standards and compliance with the provisions of various laws, guaranteeing competitiveness and fair play in the market. Download it here.

As a necessary review and supervision element, which is also entrusted within the CCMS management and promotion tasks, the Compliance Committee has been created within the company to promote knowledge of the responsibilities in criminal compliance in the company’s different positions and processes, identifying and managing criminal risks and ensuring the operation and review of the CCMS.

For all these functions, the Committee has a support function entrusted to the Compliance Coordination figure to carry out the daily tasks of the CCMS, reporting directly to the Committee.

Welcome to the Capsa Ethics Channel!

Ask your questions or queries regarding compliance:

Register a complaint via the following link:

Both options have secure internal mechanisms and processes to guarantee the confidentiality of the communications received, as well as to protect the people who participate in its compliance objective through this channel.

Ethical Channel

The CCMS has implemented a new way of relating to the company to inform about illegal acts or breaches, doubling the functions of the previous Ethical Channel to two communication channels:

Query channel

If you have any query, dilemma or question in relation to the application or interpretation of the CCMS or any of its codes, policies or procedures, the COMPLIANCE COMMITTEE will be happy to assist you through this form.

Whistle-blowing channel

If you become aware of any infringements of the CCMS in relation to the principles of CAPSA’s Codes, Ethics or Business Partner Conduct or its company Policy and/or of the commission of any crime in the course of the relationship with CAPSA, it must be reported immediately. A Whistleblowing Channel has thus been established that enables confidential submission of concerns and complaints in good faith.

The facts made known through this channel are securely managed by an external and independent entity that guarantees the confidentiality of the complaints received.