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CAPSA FOOD commitment to nutrition

CAPSA offers healthy natural products and services that improve people's health and quality of life within the framework of Sustainable Development.

  1. CAPSA is committed to respecting the natural essence of its products.  Central Lechera Asturiana is committed to the all-natural in preparing its products, respecting their essential ingredients as much as possible, and using only those that are essential. That is why today, 99% of the dairy firm’s product portfolio is free from additives and artificial ingredients.
  2. CAPSA is committed to developing healthy products that contribute towards a healthy and balanced diet. The company works continuously on reformulating its products, reducing fat and sugar, with the aim of providing consumers with healthy foods that are part of a balanced diet. Currently, 99% of CAPSA’s products do not contain added sugars or sweeteners
  3. CAPSA is committed to providing clear and transparent nutritional information. That is why ingredient lists are placed on the front of the packaging, showing clean labels and conveying clear and simple messages in all communication media.
  4. CAPSA is committed to developing products tailored to different needs. Healthy products adapted to different health needs, providing consumers with more personalised nutrition that improves their health and quality of life.
  5. CAPSA is committed to promoting initiatives that help consumers to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Through various educational activities, CAPSA promotes knowledge about a good diet and the importance of physical activity as fundamental elements for a healthier population among different stakeholders: children, consumers and employees.
  6. CAPSA is committed to promoting nutritional disclosure. The company actively collaborates with health professionals in order to approach the population with the common thread of health. It also participates in medical conferences and collaborates with scientific bodies. It promotes a healthy life through products based on science, demonstrating their effectiveness. The nutrition website and the Customer Nutrition Service offer more accessible, more direct and useful information, as well as tools that help you to improve your nutritional habits.
  7. CAPSA is committed to promoting nutritional research. Supporting research work in the field of nutrition and food through the Nutrition Chairs established with the Complutense University of Madrid and with the University of Murcia. The company continuously undertakes research to improve individuals’ health and well-being, developing and offering products adapted to the needs of the market and consumers and supported by scientific evidence. Research is promoted through the Hippocrates International Medical Research Award.
  8. CAPSA is committed to advertising in a sustainable and responsible manner. With real advertising, showing the Company’s values, its principles as a brand and the entire value chain, with a unique way of working, from the farmers until the products reach the consumers’ tables.

CAPSA FOOD makes health and nutrition more accessible to society.

Physical and mental well-being begins with diet. Choosing natural food and products creates life habits that improve well-being.

Social Commitment

Support in the fight against cancer and promoting sports practice among women

Central Lechera Asturiana women’s race

CAPSA is the main sponsor of this action, which raised more than 160,000 euros in 2018 for the fight against cancer and other charitable and social causes.

Support to children and families to meet basic food needs

Food Bank
More than 100,000 kilolitres donated in 2018.

No Child Without Dinner
More than 18,000 kilolitres of product donated throughout 2018.

Promotion of healthy lifestyle habits through sports practice

Asturias Sports

For another year, CAPSA maintains its collaboration with the Asturias Principality Regional Government by sponsoring the Sports Games of the Principality and other sports activities organised through the Gijón City Council.