Health and nutrition

ODS Health and nutrition

CAPSA promotes health through nutrition and healthy habits.

CAPSA's maxim

CAPSA continues to offer
100% natural products.

CAPSA continues to offer “100% natural” products and launched new products throughout 2018 that are aligned to this maxim. Ninety-nine percent of the dairy firm’s product range contains no artificial E-s.

It brings health and nutrition closer to society.

Physical and mental well-being begins with diet. Choosing natural food and products creates life habits that improve well-being.

Social commitment

Support in the fight against cancer and promoting sports practice among women

Central Lechera Asturiana women’s race.

CAPSA is the main sponsor of this action, which raised more than 160,000 euros during 2018 for the fight against cancer and other charitable and social causes.

Support for children and families to meet basic food needs

Food bank
More than 100,000 kilolitres donated in 2018.

No child without dinner

More than 18,000 kilolitres of product donated throughout 2018.

Promoting healthy lifestyle habits through sports practice

Asturian sports/strong>

For another year running, CAPSA has maintained its collaboration with the Asturias Principality Regional Government by sponsoring the Sports Games of the Principality and other sports activities organised through Gijón City Council.

Encouraging healthy habits. Food.

Activities in childhood

  • Dairy Day at school: every year, the Nutrition and Health Area supports this great initiative by InLac (Interprofessional Dairy Organisation) that reaches out to the entire dairy sector, whose members represent the production branch (ASAJA, COAG, UPA and Agrifood Cooperatives of Spain) and the processing branch (or industry) FENIL and Spanish Agrifood Cooperatives.
  • Healthy breakfasts in collaboration with the Good Cholesterol Guild: This activity takes place in different schools in Avilés, reaching 440 children each year..
  • It also collaborated with several schools in Asturias, teaching the following activities:
    • “HEALTHY FOOD IN CHILDHOOD” talks, aimed at children in first, second and third grade at primary school with the aim of improving their eating habits.
    • “SPORTS/NUTRITION” talks aimed at parents and children, with the aim of improving their eating habits.

Programmes for adults

  • “Smart Food Days” in collaboration with the Spanish Dietetics and Food Sciences Society (SEDCA): This activity provided reliable and contrasted information to interested citizens and to patients, their families and caregivers.
  • Healthy life for the DAORJE Group conference in collaboration with the Good Cholesterol Guild: they include heart-healthy breakfasts along with a talk on healthy habits given by nutrition specialists.
  • Central Lechera Asturiana women’s race: With a nutritional care stand at which participants received nutrition advice and evaluations from a nutritional point of view.
  • Bio-culture trade shows: Teaching workshops on “Nutrition Labelling” in different cities: Madrid, A Coruña, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia.

Internal/employee programmes

  • Take care of your health by learning how to eat well: Programme for employees and their families held in several of the company’s factories.
  • Physical exercise practice  in the Granda factory facilities, as a complement to healthy eating.
  • Nutrition day: CAPSA collaborates with FESNAD (the Spanish Federation of Nutrition, Food and Dietetics Societies) on “National Nutrition Day”. Through different activities in all of the company’s factories, the Nutrition and Health Area highlights the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in order to improve quality of life.

Information and promotion

Visits to health professionals

  • These purpose of these visits are for health professionals to find out about CAPSA’s products and their benefits, talk about them to their patients and encourage the need to eat a healthy diet to prevent diseases. Other topics on the latest advances in the field of nutrition are also addressed. Around 10,000 visits are made each year in the Primary Care group.
  • Site ”lecheynutricion”: el site de Nutrición sigue incluido dentro de la web corporativa.
  • Nutritional service: : During 2018, 452 enquiries were responded to about general and specific health and nutrition related issues. The increasingly frequent enquiries about allergens contained in the products must be mentioned. The milk decalcification process is also a topic of great interest to consumers.

Congresses and conferences in the field of health

During 2019, CAPSA participated in different medical and nutritional society congresses and in several scientific conferences. It is worth mentioning the 41st National Congress of the Spanish Society of Primary Care Doctors (SEMERGEN) held in Gijón, given the importance and number of professionals attending (7,000 doctors).

  • 14th Regional Congress of the Spanish Society of Primary Care Doctors (SEMERGEN). February 2019, Cantabria.
  • 4th Regional Congress of the Spanish Society of Primary Care Doctors (SEMERGEN). February 2019, Murcia.
  • 19th National Women’s Health and Medicine Meeting (SAMEM). February 2019, Madrid.
  • 23rd International Practical Nutrition Conferences. April 2019, Madrid.
  • 11th National FAECAP Congress 11th National Congress of the Federation of Associations of Community Nursing and Primary Care (FAECAP). April 2019, Vitoria.
  • 7th National Congress of Chronic Patients of the Spanish Primary Care Doctors Society (SEMERGEN). May 2019, Murcia.
  • 41st Autonomous SEMERGEN Congress Catalonia. June 2019, Barcelona.
  • 41st National Congress of the Spanish Society of Primary Care Doctors (SEMERGEN). October 2019, Gijón.
  • 7th Aragon Regional Congress of the Spanish Society of Primary Care Doctors (SEMERGEN). December 2019, Zaragoza.
  • 38th AEMN “Health and Chronobiology” Congress. November, Madrid.
Conferences / meetings
  • 17th International Course on Immuno-nutrition in health and well-being. February 2019, Madrid.
  • 7th SEMERGEN Residents and Tutors Conference. March 2019, Pontevedra.
  • 24th National SEH-LELH Meeting. March 2018, Madrid.
  • 1st Official Dietitians/Nutritionists of Galicia Conference. March 2019, Pontevedra.
  • 7th Andalusian Multidisciplinary Meeting for Managing Cardiovascular Risk Patients. April 2019, Jerez.
  • 3rd SEMERGEN National Digestive Conference. April 2019, Castellón.
  • 11th SEMERGEN Cardiovascular Conference. April 2019, Cuenca.
  • 4th Andalusian Multidisciplinary Conference on Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation. June 2019, Granada.
  • 2nd Conference of Residents and Family Doctors SEMERGEN in the Basque Country. November 2019, Vitoria.
  • 2nd Conference of Residents and 3rd SEMERGEN BALEARIC ISLANDS Regional Conference, November 2019, Palma de Mallorca.
  • 4th Conference of Residents SEMERGEN Canary Islands. November 2019, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Nutritional research

Through the Complutense University of Madrid/Central Lechera Asturiana Extraordinary Chair on Research and Training in Nutrition and Health Education, various round tables have been held in congresses nationwide such as the 40th National Congress of the Spanish Society of Primary Care Doctors (SEMERGEN) and the 22nd Conference of Practical Nutrition within the 11th International Food, Nutrition and Dietetics Congress (SEDCA).

CAPSA continues to support the work of nutritional research and dissemination of scientific evidence among the professional group related to nutrition and health. In 2018, the award went to Susana Delgado Palacio, Ramón y Cajal researcher, Instituto de Productos Lácteos de Asturias (IPLA)-CSIC. “Microbiota and faecal parameters in children with allergy to cow’s milk protein not mediated by IgE after a milk exclusion diet.”

Sugar reduction

In addition to the actions already completed over the last year on Central Lechera Asturiana brand products, and in line with the new AECOSAN sugar reduction recommendations for 2020, work continues with the LARSA brand, specifically with yogurts.

CAPSA is therefore the first Spanish dairy company to join the AECOSAN (Spanish Agency of consumption, food security and nutrition) “Collaboration Plan for improving the composition of food and beverages and other measures 2017-2020” for reducing sugar content in foods.

Sugar Reduction