CAPSA FOOD partners with Nortpalet to manufacture plastic pallets from recycled waste

  • With this agreement, both companies promote a sustainable recycling chain reflecting their commitment to the circular economy.
  • CAPSA FOOD has reduced its waste generation by 27% and transformed 96% of it into new resources generating renewable fuels, fertilisers or new materials.

CAPSA FOOD and Nortpalet, a leading manufacturer of plastic pallets, have partnered to transform the waste derived from the production of 100% recyclable plastic bottles into long-life pallets, which they use to move their products to consumption points.

These pallets are also reusable and, in the case of CAPSA, they are returned empty to the factories to be used again without going through an intermediate centre, which results in fuel and associated CO2 emission savings.

Within its commitment to caring for the environment and protecting the natural environment, the dairy company works to promote a new circular economy, where waste is transformed into new resources, avoiding waste and progressing in its goal of achieving Zero waste.

The Asturias company thus drives this circular economy twice, as it not only avoids waste, it also helps to mitigate climate change.

Transformation of 96% of the waste produced

In recent years, CAPSA FOOD has reduced its waste generation by 27% and has transformed 96% of waste into new resources, generating renewable fuels, fertilisers, new materials, etc. and even solutions with high added value for other industrial and pharmaceutical processes, through its shareholding in the technological company Entomo Agroindustrial.

The material of the pallets is also recycled at the end of their long service life, reusing them for producing new plastic pallets with identical properties as the original.

Due to the extensive life cycle for this type of media, the vast majority of the material used comes from other applications, especially packaging, highlighting that the material used for packaging applications is extensively controlled at origin and guarantees excellent properties. A sustainable recycling chain is therefore generated with an extensive life cycle.