More than 3,400 companies throughout the world are part of the movement, and in Spain only 83 meet the required standards

CAPSA FOOD, the first Spanish dairy company to obtain the B Corp certificate

This certificate is granted to companies that generate a positive social impact on society and the planet through their activity.

CAPSA FOOD has become the first dairy company of Spanish origin and capital to obtain the B Corp certificate, whose purpose is to generate a positive social impact on society and on the planet through the companies’ activity. The dairy company thus becomes part of the community of companies belonging to the B Corp movement worldwide that comply with outstanding social, environmental and community standards.

The reasons for certification

The company’s cooperative business model supported by its comprehensive sustainability plan that covers the entire process from farm to table has been key to becoming part of the B CORP movement. Thanks to this Plan, CAPSA FOOD guarantees economic growth, care for the environment and the well-being of all the communities that its activity impacts and which are part of its value chain.

The company’s objective is to “Give farmers a future by offering natural products and services that improve quality of life and health in a sustainable environment.” This objective covers all the actions that the company undertakes every day to fulfil it.

The dairy company has maintained a strong commitment to its farming partners since its creation to guarantee the future of its farming families. In fact, in 2018 Central Lechera Asturiana certified its unique working method thanks to its “Farmer Guarantee” seal issued by SGG. Through this seal, programmes, services and measures are certified that aim to enhance the balance between farming activities, farmers’ social needs, animal welfare and environmental protection with the aim of guaranteeing their future sustainability. Farming activity maintenance also enables the protection and subsistence of the rural environment to be guaranteed.

The company’s actions include a commitment to the health of Spanish consumers, which means that 99% of the products offered by the brands are 100% natural and have no artificial E-s. It should also be noted that it was one of the first companies to significantly reduce sugars in all of its products, launching a range of flavoured yogurts with no sugar in 2019. And in its commitment to transparency, all of its packaging has the labels on the front, clearly showing the ingredients.

Within this Comprehensive Sustainability Plan, caring for the environment is another of the company’s concerns, which is why it develops actions that focus on “respect for resources and action on climate”, thus minimising its impact on the environment. In fact, it was recently recognised as the first dairy company to receive “Zero Waste” certification in all of its factories for recovering 90% of the resources generated, preventing it from being sent to landfill. It thus contributes to promoting the circular economy by transforming waste into new raw materials that become part of the value chain.

The company is also acknowledged for caring for its employees. Since 2016, CAPSA has been a TOP EMPLOYERS company, which recognises companies that offer excellent conditions to workers, making it a benchmark employer. The objective is to have satisfied employees among its staff, making it one of the best companies to work for.
CAPSA FOOD also promotes initiatives that show its social solidarity, such as the Women’s Race, of which it is the main sponsor. Through this initiative, it encourages sport among women and supports the fight against cancer. It also provides aid to the most disadvantaged families through collaborations with the Food Bank, donating more than 1,000,000 kg of its products this year due to the COVID 19 crisis. In addition to this group, these products were also donated to health workers who worked to save thousands of lives in Spanish hospitals.

In short, CAPSA FOOD achieved the distinction as a B Corp company, complying with the organisation’s requirements for the admission of new companies that are aligned with its Comprehensive Sustainability Plan.

The company has also modified its Articles of Association to incorporate the objective of attending to the incentives of all stakeholders in decision-making and has promised to publish the evaluation result. The B Corp certification enables companies to unite efforts to embark on a path towards a new, more humane, sustainable and inclusive economy, generating a positive impact and harnessing the strength of business to solve the main challenges that society and the environment pose today.

Globally, more than 70 thousand companies have undergone a B Impact Assessment (BIA) to obtain the B Corp certificate, although only 4% have achieved it. So far, only 83 companies in Spain, of more than 4,000 that have undergone the evaluation, have passed B Corp’s demanding evaluation requirements.