Support for the primary sector and the rural world

ODS primary sector

CAPSA provides a future for farmers by supporting the primary sector and the rural world.


Livestock Guarantee Seal

Creation of the Farmer Guarantee seal in 2018

Through the “Agricultural Services Management” certification issued by SGS, world leader in inspection, verification, analysis and certification, Central Lechera Asturiana SAT (majority shareholder of CAPSA FOOD) endorses a complete range of unique agricultural services in Spain.

"Leche de Pastoreo" Certification

In 2018, LARSA continued to be committed to the “Leche de Pastoreo” (free-graze milk) label, being the first Galician dairy brand to achieve it.

This certification is endorsed by SGS, an entity recognised worldwide for inspection, verification, testing and certification, and responds to Larsa’s firm commitment to the dairy sector and its sustainability.

The fundamental difference between this and conventional milk is the flavour, as a consequence of the type of feed the cattle receive. As for its nutritional value, it is richer in unsaturated fatty acids.

Free-graze certified milk is a benchmark for quality and flavour.

ATO Animal Well-being

ATO farms were the first to obtain the Animal Well-being Certificate based on Welfare Quality® in 2014, which guarantees that cattle are cared for and guaranteed the best care in food, health and comfort.

Traceability of ATO Natura milk is also guaranteed. It comes exclusively from ATO Animal Well-being certified farms located in Catalonia.

  • They feed on the best fodder and cereals.
  • They receive a daily visit from the veterinarian.
  • Their comfort is essential. Each cow has its own space, an air conditioned system on special bedding to ensure they rest well. That is why CAPSA milk has excellent taste and quality.

Milk collection 2018, thousands of litres

Milk Colecction