La firma del convenio entre IMOMA y CAPSA

The Asturias Institute of Oncological and Molecular Medicine (IMOMA) and CAPSA FOOD unite to advance the scientific and technological development of products and services aimed at improving health

Both entities will work on joint projects in the nutrition and health field within the European Union competitive framework.

Colaboración entre Lego y Central Lechera Asturiana

LEGO® and Central Lechera Asturiana announce a collaboration to promote knowledge about nutrition and child development

LEGO® and Central Lechera Asturiana have announced the beginning of a collaboration that will promote the knowledge and preservation of natural sources of healthy food and children’s intellectual, creative and physical development.

El Presidente de la Región de Murcia inaugura el Centro de Investigación de Entomo Agroindustrial

The President of the Region of Murcia opens the Entomo Agroindustrial Research Centre, a pioneer in the use of insects as waste bioconverters

The dairy business Capsa Food belongs to its body of shareholders and acquired 15% in September as a sign of its strong commitment with the environment.


CAPSA FOOD partners with Nortpalet to manufacture plastic pallets from recycled waste

With this agreement, both companies promote a sustainable recycling chain reflecting their commitment to the circular economy.

CAPSA pone en marcha CAPSA V.I.D.A.

CAPSA FOOD launches CAPSA V.I.D.A, its new investment vehicle for developing the food of the future

CAPSA FOOD launches CAPSA V.I.D.A. (Food Development Investment Vehicle), a project that reinforces the company’s commitment to innovation.

CAPSA FOOD apuesta por los insectos para cuidar el medioambiente

CAPSA FOOD invests in insects to care for the environment

The dairy company acquires a 15% stake in ENTOMO AGROINDUSTRIAL, a company that is at the forefront of technology in the circular economy sector. 

CAPSA FOOD organiza su IV semana de seguridad salud y bienestar

CAPSA FOOD organises its 4th Health, Safety and Well-being Week

From Monday 23 to Sunday 29 September, Capsa Food will host the 4th Health, Safety and Well-being Week.

Ruben Hidalgo se incorpora a CAPSA FOOD

CAPSA FOOD has hired Rubén Hidalgo to lead the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem

CAPSA FOOD has taken one step further in its strategy by creating its own innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem that will be led by Ruben Hidalgo.

Central Lechera Asturiana

Central Lechera Asturiana is the favourite milk brand in Spain

Central Lechera Asturiana is the milk chosen by consumers in 13 of the 17 Autonomous Communities.