KM ZERO Food Innovation Hub and CAPSA FOOD join forces to promote disruptive start-ups in the agri-food sector

  • The agreement signed between both organisations will help to launch innovative projects related to sustainable and healthy eating with a special focus on: green energy, digitising rural areas and emission reduction, implementing circular economy projects, biodiversity, microbiome and wellness.

KM ZERO Food Innovation Hub, an initiative dedicated to generating food products and solutions that has shareholdings in and collaborates with start-ups and innovative projects with the aim of promoting their consolidation, has signed a one-year strategic agreement with CAPSA FOOD, which will be implemented through its Investment Vehicle for Food Development, CAPSA VIDA. These two organisations join forces to jointly promote start-ups and innovative agri-food projects in their initial stages. Thanks to both parties’ industrial knowledge and investment capacity, this strategic pact will provide a driving force for different disruptive and entrepreneurial initiatives related to sustainable and healthy eating so that they can continue to progress. The focus will be on projects related to green energy, digitising rural areas, reducing emissions, implementing circular economy projects, biodiversity, the microbiome and well-being. The promoted start-ups will therefore have allies that will make a difference in their initial stages so that they can take off with force, enabling growth in the value of the sector thanks to new solutions, methodologies and products.

“Thanks to this alliance, CAPSA has become a strategic ally for us, which enables us to continue bringing the most innovative solutions to the industry and make the global foodtech community grow and evolve. Many of the solutions to the challenges of the food system are already in place and must be sought out and supported. Entrepreneurs are courageous, have a global vision and are showing that they can solve the sector’s main challenges. In this sense, our great joint challenge for 2021 is to land them so that they have a real impact on a critical mass of society and everyone benefits from their innovations,” says the director of KM ZERO, Beatriz Jacoste.

“CAPSA aspires to play its role within the impact investment ecosystem within the world of food. CAPSA wishes to collaborate with organisations like KM ZERO to help innovation and entrepreneurship on their way to consolidation. At this time, KM ZERO is a fundamental tool in the sector, since it acts as a link for many different profiles and unites the enthusiasm of many corporations that firmly believe in the extraordinary capacity of the food world to transform and improve the people’s lives,” says Rubén Hidalgo, director of CAPSA VIDA.

This alliance represents a joint commitment by both organisations to promote and develop impact projects that improve people’s health, help to cope with climate change and provide rural areas with tools to face the future with optimism, guaranteeing the sustainability of the food system.

An agreement of maximums

The agreement signed between KM ZERO Food Innovation Hub and CAPSA FOOD will strengthen CAPSA VIDA’s positioning and its impact on the innovation food ecosystem. KM ZERO will periodically analyse and share incipient projects in the agri-food sector together with the dairy company, accompanying those that are sponsored by the company from the pre-seed phase through to their maturing process.

Among other actions, KM ZERO will also provide CAPSA FOOD with direct contact with the most renowned figures and leaders in the transformation of the foodtech sector, including Sam Kass, partner of Acre Venture Partners and also chef and food policy advisor to the Obama Administration, and Lynnete Kucsma, co-founder and CMO of Natural Machines. The company will also have a prominent presence in the main events promoted by the innovation hub.


Appearing in the photo from left to right: Ruben Hidalgo, Director of CAPSA VIDA and Beatriz Jacoste, Director of KM ZERO.