“39ytú” from the Central Lechera Asturiana Institute, has received the second award in the Nutraingredients Awards for the Best Personalised Nutrition Initiative

  • 39ytú, the first project of the Central Lechera Asturiana Institute for Personalised Nutrition responds to a «real consumer demand, to health or nutrition problems or to the health and wellbeing goal»

The NutraIngredients Awards, held yesterday in Geneva, revealed the winner to the Best Personalised Nutrition Initiative, where the Central Lechera Asturiana Institute for Personalised Nutrition (ICLANP) has obtained the second position with their project 39ytú, precision nutrition from your microbiota. This award acknowledges innovation and state of the art research in heath food, supplements and nutrition.

“39ytú was born one hundred days ago and today was a finisher in Nutraingredients Awards in Geneva, side to side with companies with years of experience. Being next to the big ones proves the quality, innovation and efficiency of our project” stated Javier Cuervo, managing director of the Central Lechera Asturiana Institute for Personalised Nutrition.

The judges of the NutraIngredients Awards highlighted that the personalised nutrition project of the ICLANP, 39ytú, responds to “a real demand of consumers, health or nutrition problems, or to the health and wellbeing goal; it demonstrates that the initiative will offer truly personal information; it has scientific and technological feasibility and proves that the product works for its specified use, as well as being a changing source of innovation in the development of a personalised nutrition space. It also stands out from the crowds and is ahead of their competence”.

The award ceremony took place in Geneva, within Vitafoods Europe, annual meeting point of the nutrition industry to innovate, connect with business leaders and to find effective solutions in the nutraceutical sector. A total of 1,200 exhibitors, from 110 countries around the world travel to Vitafoods Europe, the only specialised event that comprises the whole nutraceutical supply chain, from the basic ingredient to the shelf that reaches the consumer.

The mission of the Central Lechera Institute for Personalised Nutrition is to research and improve the health and wellbeing of individuals through precision nutrition, thanks to the collaboration with institutions with a solid reputation, such as the Comuplutense University of Madrid Central Lechera Asturiana Health and Nutrition Chair, CAPSA, Sngular and Darwin Bioprospecting, specialised in microbiology and with the support of the state of the art technological developments.

“39ytú” is the first project of the Central Lechera Asturiana Institute for Personalised Nutrition, based on the precision nutritional recommendation after a microbiome (genetic sequencing of the microbiota) test is carried out. Its name refers to the 39 billion bacteria that colonise the intestine and that shape the microbiota. This is a group of microorganisms that live in a certain habitat, in this case in the human intestine, and that carry out their functions in nutrition and metabolism, but also in the protection and development of the body. We also know it as gut flora, incorrectly though, and it adds up to 2 kg of our bodyweight.

In 39ytú the microbiome of the individual and its possible alterations are analysed, as they can have an effect in their health. Depending on the results obtained in the massive sequencing test, a report is given with personalised nutrition recommendations.

BioActive solutions are also given to those people who already know their needs, such as: glucose control, cholesterol reduction, digestive discomfort, bowel regularity, immunity, bowel discomfort and intolerance to gluten.

You can find more information in www.39ytu.com or in the webpage of the Institute.