José Armando Tellado, general manager of CAPSA FODD, annual DUX award

  • The awards recognise the promotion of new leadership to successfully meet the challenges of the new economy.

Last night, CANAL CEO presented the DUX Awards at the Barceló Theatre in an event that was attended by several of the leading executives in Spain. These awards recognise the commitment and performance of CEOs who embody a new form of leadership by promoting the development of the people and teams within the companies through their work.

In this edition, 109 candidacies were presented, of which 59 executives were finalists for the 8 categories in the awards. The judging panel, chaired by Manuel Pimentel, included 16 industry experts from different fields: Almudena Eisaguirre, General Manager of Deusto Business School, Elisabeth Golobardes, Vice Chancellor of Ramón Llull University, Xavier Marcet, Strategic Consultant, Juan Carlos Cubeiro, Talent Expert and National Management Award winner, Ignacio Babé, CEO of the Management Excellence Club and Enrique Ordieres, Chairperson of CINFA, among others. To select the finalists and the winners, the judging panel considered aspects such as the candidates’ consistency, senior management commitment, the new leadership values, the actions implemented and the results obtained.

In all editions at the proposal of the judging panel, the Dux of the Year Award was presented to the General Manager of CAPSA FOOD, José Armando Tellado. “The company must be a transformative element that generates value and contributes towards improving the communities in which they have an impact. In our case, it ranges from supporting farmers and the rural environment to the commitment to society through natural food to improve their quality of life,” commented the executive in his acceptance speech.

In addition to this award, other awards were also presented in the categories: CEO for Well-being, CEO for Commitment, CEO for Diversity, CEO for Innovation, CEO for Talent, CEO for sustainability and CEO for the future.

José Armando Tellado was also recognised at the end of 2022 with the APD Award for Executive of the Year awarded by the Association for Progress in Management.