Zarzalejo has revalidated its BRC/IFS excellence rating

The audit for renewing the BRC and IFS Food Safety Certificates, where the auditors validated CAPSA’s A rating (Excellent), took place at the Zarzalejo plant last week.

Both are standards that guarantee that CAPSA meets the highest safety, quality and performance criteria in terms of food safety and consumer protection. BRC stands for British Retail Consortium; the food safety system developed by British retail distribution in 1998. The IFS (International Featured Standards); a food safety system developed by retail associations in Germany, France and Italy in 2003.

Today, having these certifications is essential to be competitive in Spanish and international markets; indeed, not having them would harm the company’s leadership and would condition CAPSA’s presence with many customers, since some only work with companies that have these certificates.

Consolidating and maintaining these stringent certifications requires daily, rigorous and continuous work on food safety, which enables CAPSA to ensure ever safer processes. We would like to congratulate all the personnel at the plant, as well as other areas involved from CAPSA’s Central Services, for their continuous involvement and efforts.

At this time, the Zarzalejo Plant and the Lugo Plant both have this A (Excellent) rating in the BRC/IFS certifications.