CAPSA FOOD has hired Rubén Hidalgo to lead the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem

The change of consumers’ mentality worldwide, motivated by a concern about food and its impact on health and on the planet, together with the company’s mission to offer natural products and services that improve people’s health and quality of life, have taken CAPSA FOOD one step further in its strategy by creating its own innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem that will be led by Ruben Hidalgo as he joins the company as Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystems. A Chemical Engineer specialising in Organisation and Processes, he was the Director of the Technological Science Park and of GIJON IMPULSA (Centro Municipal de Empresas de Gijón, S.A.) in recent years. He also contributes to the Cotec Foundation for innovation and the Advanced Leadership Foundation.

The purpose of this new project, which will be presented this autumn, is to participate in a new generation of food and nutrition services that improve well-being and health through biotechnology and science.

And, faithful to its commitment to Asturias, CAPSA FOOD will also drive its relationship with Asturias agents involved in research, innovation and entrepreneurship projects to find new opportunities for providing value through collaboration and open innovation.

In the words of José Armando Tellado, General Manager: “CAPSA looks forward to 2030 thinking about what the food that people need will be like; how will people acquire the nutrients they need and through what foods, in what format and under what experiences? This will be an extraordinary journey, led by Ruben Hidalgo, in which CAPSA seeks to contribute value for the company as well as for all of society in general and Asturias in particular.”