The Asturias Institute of Oncological and Molecular Medicine (IMOMA) and CAPSA FOOD unite to advance the scientific and technological development of products and services aimed at improving health

Both entities will work on joint projects in the nutrition and health field within the European Union competitive framework.

They will also undertake activities related to public promotion of research and specialised training educational programmes.

CAPSA FOOD and the Institute of Oncological and Molecular Medicine of Asturias (IMOMA) have signed a collaboration framework agreement focused on the scientific and technological development of products and services aimed at improving people’s health and nutrition.

Together, they will undertake research projects within the European Union competitive framework. They will also carry out scientific surveillance activities in the field of clinical nutrition, exploring  possibilities for collaboration on personalised nutrition through genomics and metagenomics. To do this, they will create working groups and prepare studies and reports.

This agreement enables the companies to cooperate on training programmes for researchers and organise common activities related to health promotion through research: educational programmes, specialised training, proprietary qualifications, courses and seminars.

Thanks to the agreement signed by CAPSA FOOD and IMOMA, both entities will collaborate on cultural promotion activities, in addition to promoting business and technological issues.

The Medical Director of IMOMA, Rubén Cabanillas This agreement reflects IMOMA’s commitment to improving the health of the population as well as development and innovation in the local region. In the era of precision medicine, we are increasingly aware of the interaction between genes, microbiota and diet. CAPSA’s commitment to research in the field of personalised nutrition, its roots in the agri-food sector, its link to Asturias and its interest in developing products that contribute to consumers’ well-being makes it the ideal collaborator for developing innovative research projects in the fields of food and nutrition. Technically and scientifically ambitious projects that aspire to have a significant social impact.”

José Armando Tellado, General Manager of CAPSA FOOD, says that “this collaboration agreement with IMOMA provides the rigour and scientific value of experts who work in the field of health and nutrition as a fundamental element for treating and preventing different diseases. Thanks to the patronage of the Maria Cristina Masaveu Peterson Foundation, IMOMA has led and continues to lead research projects that have enabled it to consolidate as an international leader in personalised medicine, especially in oncology and clinical genomics”.

IMOMA (Asturias Institute of Oncological and Molecular Medicine) is a health entity owned by Corporación Masaveu, Liberbank and Medicina Asturiana, whose objective is to help people recover their health, prevent disease from developing and improve quality of life, making healthcare professionals, the latest advances in molecular medicine and high-precision radiotherapy available to healthy as well as ill people.

IMOMA works hard both to strengthen patients’ confidence and to ensure that all people who can benefit from their services have access to them. To achieve this, in addition to the work of its professionals, significant work is undertaken on strategic alliances with institutions and providing support for community development with actions that highlight the company’s commitment to and performance of its services. IMOMA aspires to be one of the most reputable and recognised institutions in the country, a leader in highly complex radiotherapy treatments and leading molecular medicine tests. In addition to being a medical and scientific leader, IMOMA aims to be an ethical leader, at the service of its patients and society, and contributes to the personal and professional development of its staff and collaborators.

CAPSA FOOD (Central Lechera Asturiana, Larsa, ATO, 39ytu, Vega de Oro and Innova Food Ingredients) is the leading company in the Spanish dairy market with seven production centres throughout Spain providing direct employment for more than 1,300 people with international presence in more than 40 countries.

In 2017 it was recognised as the company with the best reputation in Spain according to the REPTRAK study by the Reputation Institute. CAPSA FOOD is also the first Spanish food company to have the 500+ European Seal of Excellence awarded by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) and the Excellence in Management Club (CEG), which implies that it is a well-managed company and a “model to follow” in Spain, a company that innovates in the market with new formats and new products with functional benefits and creates an excellent work environment for professionals’ development.

Within its concern for social responsibility, CAPSA FOOD supports the primary sector and the rural world, promoting health through nutrition and healthy living habits, protecting the land while respecting the environment and continuing to be an exemplary employer as it has done since it was founded.