CAPSA FOOD and Cantabria Labs launch a special formula for diabetics

  • NMCLA is focused on chronic patients after hospital discharge and designed for patients who are diabetic, malnourished or at risk of malnutrition.
  • Manufactured in Spain, by Central Lechera Asturiana, it is packaged in recyclable cardboard packaging, following the European directive on environmental impact reduction.

As a result of the collaboration agreement signed in 2018 to develop and market new nutritional formulas, Capsa Food, a leading company in the food sector, and Cantabria Labs Nutrition Medical, experts in clinical nutrition, have developed the NMCLA (Central Lechera Asturiana Medical Nutrition) range, which includes different complete liquid diets aimed at people with a higher nutrient requirement.

The first formula of the NMCLA range will be available from May in pharmacies and is especially designed for diabetics and people with secondary hyperglycaemia associated with another pathology, people who are malnourished or at risk of malnutrition, focused on chronic patients after hospital discharge.

Malnutrition affects 23% of Spanish hospitalised patients and a significant number of the cases that require nutritional support are those motivated by diabetes, due to its prevalence and the multiple reasons that can result in hospital admission. According to the PREDyCES study, by the Spanish Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Society (Senpe), “malnutrition related to the disease affects 23.7% of hospitalised patients, a figure that increases up to 38% in people over 70 years of age and up to 50% beyond the age of 85.”

The results of the study, carried out among 1,597 patients from 31 hospitals in the National Health System, show that one third of patients with diabetes admitted to Spanish hospitals are malnourished, and that of the 352 patients included with dysphagia, 45.7 and 42.2 percent presented malnutrition at admission and discharge, respectively.

“This new formula, which will help dietary management for patients with greater nutritional needs, has been designed with Capsa Food’s expertise in food innovation, always focused on using natural ingredients and improving consumers’ health and well-being. We are aware that there are increasingly more special nutritional needs, and the Central Lechera Asturiana Medical Nutrition range will considerably improve the health of people with these needs”, said Capsa Food’s general manager, José Armando Tellado.

“With this innovative launch, Cantabria Labs Nutrition Medical hopes to be able to respond, based on endorsement and science, to the demand from professionals and diabetic patients with special medical/nutritional needs. It will contribute to improving people’s care and well-being, which is our purpose and objective as a laboratory and a Spanish company,” said Roberto Conde, CEO of Cantabria Labs Nutrición Médica.

In addition to the specialised and innovative composition, created to provide the necessary supplements for patients and manufactured in Spain together with Central Lechera Asturiana, NMCL reflects the two Spanish companies’ commitment to the environment, using packaging adapted to the European Parliament directive on reducing the environmental impact of certain plastic products. NMCLA therefore uses recyclable cardboard packaging, derived from sustainable forest management and respect for local communities and indigenous peoples, and does not include plastic straws.

CAPSA FOOD (Central Lechera Asturiana, Larsa, ATO, Vega de Oro and Innova Food Ingredients) is the leading company in the Spanish dairy market whose purpose is to ensure the future for partner farmers offering natural products and services that improve people’s health and quality of life, in a sustainable environment. CAPSA FOOD is the leading company in the Spanish dairy market with seven production centres throughout Spain providing direct employment for more than 1,300 people with international presence in more than 40 countries.

In 2019 it was recognised as the food company with the best reputation in Spain according to the REPTRAK study by the Reputation Institute. CAPSA FOOD is also the first Spanish food company to have the 500+ European Seal of Excellence awarded by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) and the Excellence in Management Club (CEG), which implies that it is a well-managed company and a “model to follow” in Spain, a company that innovates in the market with new formats and new products with functional benefits and creates an excellent work environment for professionals’ development.

Within its concern for social responsibility, CAPSA FOOD supports the primary sector and the rural world, promoting health through nutrition and healthy living habits, protecting the land while respecting the environment and continuing to be an exemplary employer as it has done since it was founded.