Central Lechera Asturiana HELP the consumers and the Food Bank through “TE AYUDA”, its new range of products

  • The Food Bank will receive from Central Lechera Asturiana 1% of the sales volume in litres of milk.
  • Since the beginning of the pandemics, the Company has donated more than one million of litres of milk.

Central Lechera Asturiana continues to show their support and solidarity towards the Spanish society through the solidary action “TE AYUDA” in collaboration with the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL).

For a limited period, the Company will sell its new milk with 1% of fat content and the new milk cream for cooking with 15% of fat content to enable the consumers to have a balanced diet under more favourable pricing conditions. Fuhrer, when the campaign is over, the Company will donate to the Food Bank the 1% of the sale under the “TE AYUDA” range of products. The donation will be in the form of litres of products manufactured by Central Lechera Asturiana, using these products to help those less privileged.

Central Lechera Asturiana, a solidary brand

This action takes place under the frame of the Company’s solidary line, which has always been present within its strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility and has intensified since the beginning of the pandemics’ outbreak. At the beginning of the current year, the Company donated to Cáritas, Aldeas Infantiles and the Food Banks the value of their corporate Christmas presents, about 26,000 litres of milk that were distributed to both entities and that must be added to the millions of litres of milk already donated during 2020 to those communities who were the most disadvantaged due to the pandemics.

Central Lechera Asturiana is the first Spanish producer of dairy products in obtaining the B CORP seal, as a recognition for generating a positive impact on the Society and on the planet, through the activity it develops by complying with its purpose. Committed to its farmers and to the manufacturing of 100% natural products, Central Lechera Asturian is the first brand of dairy products in Spain, leading the sale of liquid milk, milk cream and butter. Since its inception, the company supports the primary sector by granting the sustainability of its farmer partners, ensuring the marketing of its milk, 100% Spanish and providing them with technical support for their development, both professional and personal, through a unique working method that has been awarded the seal “Garantía Ganadera”. Central Lechera Asturiana promotes the health, through nutrition, manufacturing 100% natural products that are appropriate for a healthy diet and that help improve the life quality. And all the above is achieved by always respecting the origins and the natural environment; minimizing the environmental impact of the farms and the factories, and being the first Spanish company having both its “Circular Economy Strategy” and the condition of “Carbon Neutral” of its manufacturing plants certified. Further, it has been the first manufacturer of dairy products that has received the “Zero Waste” certification. Central Lechera Asturiana cares for everything it does, is committed to ensuring high quality employment and cares for the families by favouring the balance between personal life and professional life.