CAPSA FOOD closes the 2020 accounting period with a historic high turnover and profit


Growing for the sixth straight year, the company closes the 2020 with a 750.4-million-euro turnover and a 25.1-million-euro net profit.

  • CAPSA FOOD was the first dairy company to obtain the B CORP certificate in 2020 thanks to the positive impact its activity generates both in society and the planet.
  • High-volume consumption sales have increased in all the markets in which the company operates consolidating its leadership and being present in almost half of the Spanish households.
  • On its path to climate neutrality in 2035 it has become the first Spanish company to certify with AENOR its “Circular Economy Strategy” and “Carbon Neutrality” in all its factories, also receiving the “Zero Waste” certificate.

27th May 2021. This morning CAPSA FOOD (Corporación Alimentaria Peñasanta S.A.) Management Board has approved the annual accounts and presented the corresponding results for 2020.

In a year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, CAPSA FOOD has closed 2020 with a historic high turnover rate with 25.1 million euros, 8.6% higher than last year, as a consequence of the positive sales evolution in the high-volume consumption market. All this has been achieved despite the loss of nearly 30% of the sales volume in the hospitality market due to the limitations imposed by the healthcare authorities. The net amount of the volume of business also reaches a historic high over 750 million euros (750.4), an increase of 4% more than in 2019.

Regarding CAPSA FOOD value based market shares in the different markets in which it operates (Source: Nielsen) they are in line with the company results showing growth in all of them in comparison with the previous year. In the milk market, it closes 2020 with a 19.3% market share as opposed to the 17.9% it had in 2019. Cream consolidates its 21% market share (19.8% in 2019) and butter reaches a 24.4%, 0.2 more than in 2019. Regarding vegetable drinks, sales show a 16.4% increase finishing the year with a 14.3% market share. All company brands are currently present in almost half of the Spanish households.

In 2020, 908.5 million litres of 100% Spanish milk have been collected

In 2020 CAPSA FOOD has achieved relevant milestones regarding its investment in Integral Sustainability and the fulfilment of its goals. In June, it became the first dairy company to obtain the B CORP in 2020 thanks to the positive impact its activity generates both in society and the planet based on its coop business model from the farm to the dining table. This year the services under the “Livestock-farming Guarantee”, which certify the work of the Central Lechera Asturiana SAT farmers also contributing to ensure family farms sustainability in the future, have also been extended.

The company has continued on its path towards climate neutrality in 2035 in all its value chain. This commitment ranges from the livestock farming to the produce consumption generating minimum waste and packaging evolving into new materials. 2020 has been an important year for the achievement of this goal and, due to this, the circular economy model has been central to its management thus becoming the first Spanish company to certify with AENOR its “Circular Economy Strategy”. In the same year CAPSA FOOD also became the first company to achieve Carbon Neutrality in its direct emissions (1+2) in all its factories, also receiving the “Zero Waste” certificate, both by AENOR. During this year the company has invested 2.5 million euros in facilities and equipment to optimize energy efficiency and protect the environment. In addition, over 13 million euros have been spent this year on environmental protection. All these actions have obtained different awards such as The European Week for Waste Reduction Award, and the National Energy Award in the category for “Best energy efficiency and sustainable mobility action”.

Regarding the activity in CAPSA VIDA (Investment Vehicle for future Food Development) “Impact Diet” is still being developed investing in providing answers for social challenges: sustainability, health and depopulation. In October it joined  BAIA FOOD, a start-up developing miraculin, a protein which transforms acid flavour into sweet flavour in order to generate both healthy and sustainable food and beverages without added sugar. As part of the 2020 action program La Granja, a food innovation lab, was built in collaboration with the European Business and Innovation Centre of the Principality of Asturias (BIC Asturias) which aims at implementing the best agriculture and livestock farming practices boosting a sustainable livestock-farming for the future.

At the beginning of 2020 CAPSA FOOD purchased 50% of “Sociedad Lácteas Flor de Burgos S.L” to lead the cheese and fresh produce market through a joint project combining both companies’ synergies and creating a shared value. The project came into existence in 2021. Also in 2020, a collaboration agreement was signed with DELIKIA, first vending operator in Spain, in order to innovate both in products and processes in the next 3 years.

The Pandemic has determined the development of this year and CAPSA FOOD has been supportive of its employees and society at this time. Providing health care and safety for employees resulted in a specific certificate with AENOR’s General Plan of Action Against COVID 19, with over 100 measures implemented during the health crisis. The company also donated over 1,000,000 kilograms of its products to those in need through different organizations and charities (Spanish Food Bank Federation, Spanish Red Cros, Cáritas, etc.) as well as for the health care professionals who worked to save thousands of lives in the Spanish hospitals. Since hospitality has been largely damaged in this pandemic CAPSA FOOD has supported their reopening providing milk for over two million cups of coffee with milk.